Monday, January 26, 2015


Finally our dossier is in China (DTC is Dossier to China)! Now we wait for it to be logged in, translated and approved. It is still a long way from the finish line but it is a huge step and feels like a light shining in the darkness of waiting.

We don't know how long all of that will take.  We ask that you pray with us for it to all happen quickly.  Liam has been waiting 7 years and we don't want him to wait another moment to have a family.

We got the news that our dossier was on its way while we were volunteering at Catalyst Dallas last Friday.  It was an amazing chance to serve others and still get to hear the amazing line up of speakers. My heart was encouraged to hear so many of them saying the same message of not giving up when things look hopeless.  They all told their own testimony of persistence in the face of overwhelming odds and I needed to hear it.

We heard Bob Goff speak just minutes after getting the email from our agency and I was overwhelmed with emotion at the end of his talk.  If you haven't read "Love Does", go out and get it today and if you have, I hope it impacted your life. We all need to take the resources God gives us and go out and live the gospel.  We all need to be changed into the next, more humble version of ourselves.  I'm going to keep working at becoming that Sarah; the one that loves even bigger, serves even faster and shares Christ even more boldly.

Our current prayer requests:
-a quick log in date of our dossier
-golfers to sign up for the golf tournament
-financial provision for our travel costs
-more children to find families

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