Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Drop Box

I'm going to do my best to blog about seeing this film without giving away the best parts. The best I can do is just tell all of you to go see it.  It is only playing this weekend so get your tickets now!


This is an incredible film about the work of a pastor and his wife in South Korea. After seeing babies left to die and living with his own disabled child, Pastor Lee built a "drop box" where mothers could safely leave their newborns.  As someone adopting an orphan, it was hard not to be overcome with emotion.  You don't have to be currently engaged in adoption or orphan care to be moved by this film though.  This is something that will awaken any soul to how all of us can change the lives of orphans. It will also open your eyes to how those that the world says are "disabled" are actually incredibly able to be our biggest teachers.

Did I cry? You bet. But this is not a sad film. It is a beautiful, joy filled film.  The director was a film student looking to make a documentary that would win awards. Through the process of making this movie, he accepted Christ.

I pray that Pastor Lee is able to expand what he is currently doing. I pray that he would have favor with the government and that his work will continue. I pray that those seeing it would be inspired to do something about the orphan crisis around the world.

Check out the trailer:

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