Thursday, July 9, 2015

The new normal

I feel terrible that I haven't blogged more but since coming home, Liam has kept us so busy! In the last month, we returned to Texas and became a new family of 6. He is just an amazing little blessing in our lives. Jeff keeps saying that his biggest regret is that we couldn't have adopted him sooner.  He is learning English very quickly and surprises us with a new word every day. The last couple of days he has gone from calling us Mama and Baba to now "Mommy and Daddy".  He uses his sisters' names and not just "jie jie" and "mie mie".

Is every moment perfect and blissful? Nope. He's a real kid and he likes to pout when he doesn't get his way. And by pout I mean retreats and stays grumpy as long as possible and tries to work up tears. We overcome the language barrier as much as we can but sometimes things just don't make sense to him. He's not usually a fan of taking turns or sharing with his sisters. But these are normal kid issues and we are just loving him through this. It seemed to get worse for a while and after some time working it out with Daddy, it seems to be getting better.

We have gotten him a full physical and next we will be visiting a pediatric cardiologist so we can see how that little heart is doing.  We hope and pray he will not need surgery for a while.

He loves when I make him rice and noodles, turns up his nose at Mexican food and Ranch dressing and loves his new bike. I'm so glad we waited on making him a bedroom because he is giving us input on what he likes. He loves the color red and likes baseball and cars. I would have done a blue Star Wars room. It is fun discovering who he is and what he likes.

It is fairly typically for adopted children to attach to one parent over the other. Of course, I assumed as the nurturing mother that already met him last year that it would be me. It hasn't exactly worked out like that. This boy was ready for a daddy.  He can't get enough of Jeff holding him, throwing him around and just plain being around. I get my share of snuggles but he is really Baba's boy.

Your prayers were answered so tangibly and I'm so thankful for everyone who has walked this journey with us so far.

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