Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Saving Mrs. Stevenson

All of us want to fix our past.  Whether it was a sin we committed, a relationship that was broken or even a tragedy that we were powerless to stop, we want the chance to undo the hurt and the pain.  I was recently watching "Saving Mr. Banks" and what really got me about this movie was how "Mary Poppins" wasn't about Mary or the children.  It was about Mr. Banks and his transformation.  I loved how you got to see how the author wanted to redeem the pain of her childhood by putting a happy ending on a devastating loss.
Redemption stories are always my favorite because they reflect the greatest story that we are all in the middle of.  The story that Jesus came to Earth to take away the sins of the world and will ultimately fix all that has gone wrong.  Every tear will be wiped away, every wrong somehow made right.

I have a story that I believe God is redeeming.  In 2007-2008, I went through a pretty heartbreaking situation with leaving a church and a community of friends.  I felt abandoned and lost. It was one of the lowest times of my life and it took quite awhile to feel even just okay again.  I still probably struggle with trusting my current friends and really being part of a healthy church community.

Recently though I got all of the paperwork that the orphanage had on our son's life.  It had his medical records and the story of how he came to the orphanage and his estimated birth date.  All at once, God's beautiful redemptive power washed over me as I saw that his birth was right smack in the middle of that situation in early 2008.  When I felt abandoned, God was setting in motion the life of my son on the other side of the world.  He was orchestrating every detail.  I will never again look back on those days as dark and lonely because now I see them as the beginning of Liam's life and I'm so overwhelmingly thankful.

Adoption Update: our homestudy has been approved by our agency and we are just waiting on it to be signed and we will start mailing dossier forms.

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