Friday, October 10, 2014

The awkward questions Part 1

So we are already getting questions and we know more people are thinking them and not asking so here goes. I named it "Part 1" because I'm certain there will be more.
If the question is here, it is because we have already heard it.
Yes, I'm serious.

Q. Why not adopt from the United States when there are so many kids here?
A. First and foremost, because God has a unique call on every heart of how to serve Him.  Some people are called to be missionaries in India, some in Germany. Some are called to be doctors, teachers or baristas in America and financially support missionaries.  The same goes for adoption. There are people called to adopt from America and other internationally.  We have had friends and family adopt through the foster care system with varying outcomes. We have talked about many options and prayerfully chosen this one.  Someday we may be in the position to foster if God calls our heart to that. We all have a different adoption story and this one is ours.

Q. How old is Liam and does he speak English?
A. He is 6 and he does not speak English. My family is trying to learn some Mandarin but most kids fully immersed in a new language pick it up quickly.

Q. What's "wrong" with him?
A. Well, last time I checked, nothing. He is a beautiful, perfect child of God. His medical diagnosis is quite another thing. He has a congenital heart defect. We have reviewed his medical records with our doctor and I'm very confident that he will get whatever care he needs when he gets here.  I'm not sure what that will be and honestly I don't care. Am I googling WebMD? Nope. To me, for the same reason I didn't get the quad screen when I was pregnant. I love him for who he is and I trust my Healer with the rest.

Q. What happened to his parents?/Why is he in an orphanage?
A. Most children in China are abandoned because while their parents love them deeply, they cannot afford the medical care their children need.  If Liam wants to look at his records someday and tell this part of his story, that will be his choice.

Q. Is fundraising a thing most adoptive families do?
A. I'm not sure of the statistics but in my experience, most families don't have $30-$40k to adopt.  I wish we did.  We have already used much of our own savings but I believe that by fundraising we are opening Liam's story to many of you.  The Bible says to take care of orphans. Does that mean every family should adopt? I don't believe so. When you support those who are adopting, you are taking care of them. You are participating in the divine work of setting the lonely in families.

Q. When will you get him?
A. Honestly, I have no idea. It will probably quicker than some because we are matched with a "special needs" child.  I am praying for it to go quickly but trusting in God's timing. I believe 6 months to a year from this point is a fair estimate.

Q. I thought there were only girls available in China?
A. While most families in China would prefer their only child to be a boy, if that child has special needs, they are equally likely to end up in an orphanage.  Many families in America want younger girls so right now our agency has an abundance of available boys.

Q. Does China still have the One-Child policy?
A. Yes and no.  That is still the prevailing policy but we heard while we were there that a family that lives in the countryside could now have up to 3 girls, but only 1 boy.

Q. Why did you pick the name Liam?
A. Mostly because I got to name the girls and its Jeff's turn (ha ha).  Liam means warrior and he is from an area of China known for warriors.

And now for a educational and entertaining video that helps cover what to and what not to ask adoptive families:

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  1. Great responses to some very common questions. Can't wait to see Liam home with his forever family!