Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Paper Pregnancy Pounds

I saw a post from Jen Hatmaker as I was scrolling Facebook about how she isn't going to be counting calories or carbs as one of her 2015 resolutions and it took me back to China.  While I was in China in June, I was holding children that had never had a mother, and a lot of things in my life took on new perspective.  One of them was my weight.  I decided I wasn't going to worry about having a cookie occasionally because there were bigger things in this world to concern myself with.  I came back intent on adoption and fundraising.  I also decided that out of my desperation to get my son home, I was going to fast one day a week and I would be so busy filling out adoption grants that I wouldn't have time to snack.

The problem with my noble intentions was that while I remembered very well not to worry about exercising and counting carbs, I quickly found excuses why not to fast. You know, it was someone's birthday or we were celebrating something or it was Taco Tuesday.  I also figured out ways to snack while I was getting all those adoption papers notarized. My bank, where my awesome free notary is, happens to be across the street from Taco Bueno. No bueno for my thighs.

So here I am, 7 months from my trip to China and more than 7 lbs heavier.  I keep joking that I'm trying to put on as much wait during this "paper pregnancy" as I did with my 3 other pregnancies. So while there are bigger things in this world than being some Crossfit champion or my BMI, I do have to fit in my jeans.  So I'm trying to get back to running and I'm substituting smoothies for some of my lunches.

I'm also trying to apply my "One Word for 2015" to this.  My word is "savor". The definition of savor is to taste something good and enjoy it completely. I'm really felt like it was my word for this year because I want to experience every moment and make the most of it. It really applies to my eating as well though.  When I'm inhaling a box of Cheez-its, I'm not savoring them. I'm barely tasting them. Savoring is about eating really good things and enjoying them completely and knowing when to stop.

Here's to a healthier and balanced 2015. 

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