Monday, April 20, 2015


Every day is getting us closer to holding Liam in our arms.  We are so thankful for all of your support and the pancake breakfast was a great success.  This was thanks to all those who came, donated to the silent auction, generously bid, and volunteered.  We now think we are very close to being fully funded. We are very blessed to announce that we received a grant from Sowing Roots and a very generous gift from a friend that will help us greatly with our travel costs.  We still don't know exactly how much our travel costs will be but we pray that God will continue to provide as He has done so faithfully. We are also still waiting to hear from two other grant organizations so we leave it all in His hands.

We are currently waiting for some steps to take place between the CCCWA (government agency in China that oversees the children) and the US consulate. I honestly don't understand all that has to happen even when it is explained to me by my agency but so far things have been going very smoothly.  We have been provisionally approved for his immigration to the United States and we are just waiting for TA (travel approval) to book tickets. As it stands right now, we are hoping to be in China the first 2 weeks of June.

As we have been waiting, we have received some beautiful pictures and updates on how Liam is doing. He is growing well and they say he has been very healthy.  We sent a care package with pictures, etc and the orphanage says that he knows he is being adopted. We pray that our hearts will be ready for him and that he will be prepared for us.  We don't know how he feels about that but he looks happy in the pictures. We know this will be a big adjustment and we will spend much of this summer quietly at home so that he can learn his new surroundings.

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