Friday, April 24, 2015

Our timeline thus far

Some days this process has felt so long.  So I sat down and wrote out our timeline and thought about what a miracle it is that it could be less than 11 months from start to finish. For those curious, here is our adoption timeline to this point:

7/9/14-home study started
8/15/14-pre-approval (PA)
9/22/14-home study approved
11/18/14-I-800 approval
1/23/15-dossier to China (DTC)
1/27/15-dossier logged in (LID)
3/26/15-letter of approval/referral acceptance (LOA/LSC/RA)
3/27/15-I-800 mailed
3/30/15-I-800 arrived at lockbox
4/10/15-I-800 approval
4/17/15-DS260 submitted
4/21/15-Article 5 drop off
5/7/15-Article 5 pick up (crosses fingers)
5/11/15-Travel approval (TA) and 
5/12/15-scheduling of Consulate approval (CA)

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