Thursday, December 11, 2014

A big thank you and the road ahead

We just wanted to take this time to thank everyone who has given and been a part of this story so far. Thank you for your prayers.
Thank you for your donations to our yard sales.
Thank you for buying the crafts I've been making.
Thank you for every dollar you have given on our AdoptTogether page or the checks you've just put in our hand.

Again, we didn't anticipate adopting this year. We wanted to save up and pay for all of this ourselves.  But God had a different plan. I believe He wanted to both humble Jeff and I by having us have to ask for help and give all of you an opportunity to be a part of bringing Liam home.  Not everyone is called to adopt but everyone is called to help the widows and orphans and when you give, you are doing that.  Every time we get an email saying "You have a new gift from AdoptTogether", I feel closer to seeing Liam again. He's getting bigger and his 7th birthday is approaching quickly. It is so hard waiting but I have to trust in God's timing.

So, here are some answers to the questions we are getting:
How it is going?
Right now we are in the final stages of our agency getting everything ready to send to China.  Then, all of those documents have to be translated and approved. Overall, it is going fine and we are spending our time now applying for adoption grants to help cover the remaining $15,000 or so we need.

When we will finally bring him home?
I wish I knew but a reasonable guess would be very late Spring or early Summer. We are praying for as soon as possible so that we could possibly have him ready for Kindergarten next Fall. He may not be ready for that and we will make those decisions when we get him home.

Will he need surgeries?
We don't know. We will get him checked out when we get him home and see how his heart is doing.

How will you guys raise the rest of the money?
We will keep our AdoptTogether campaign going. I will keep making crafts. We will keep applying for grants.  And the biggest...we are having a golf tournament.  Jeff is going to blog about that soon but click the button on this site to learn more.

How will you communicate with Liam if he doesn't speak English?
I honestly don't know. I know that love and technology will go a long way and children that are immersed in a language learn very quickly.

Thank you so much for all you have done to help us.  You are a blessing and we pray for you that you will be blessed by being a part of this. Giving on AdoptTogether is secure and tax deductible.  You can give anonymously.  You can give as little or as much as God calls you to. But thank you for each and every gift!

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